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The Cedar Point STORY

CIRCA 1947 - It all begins...

Shortly after the end of World War II, a veteran and his wife envisioned building a resort. They used their savings for a down payment on a small parcel of land on Big Sand Lake near Remer, Minnesota. The couple borrowed a team of horses and camped outside during the winter in order to harvest lumber to build a small resort on the parcel, which they operated for several years. Times were tough, however they worked hard to make a go of it. Because of their vision.  Through the years, the resort has changed hands a few times. However, the resort has consistently grown and thrived.


As a result, Big Sand Lake and Cedar Point resort have been a destination for fishing and recreation for decades.

We feel that small resorts are the heart of the Up-North Experience and Cedar Point exemplifies this idea. Cedar Point Resort is owned and operated by a group of lake enthusiasts that live and breath the Lake Life. We enjoy the peace and quiet that our cozy resort provides. Many of us have a passion for fishing, the great outdoors and endless relaxation. Personally, we look forward to time we can spend at the lake with family and friends making great memories. Whether it is generations coming together around common interests, families slowing the pace of life, or a gathering to catch up with old friends and share the BIG FISH STORY, this is the place to be. 

We invite you to come and checkout what makes Cedar Point so special. We truly believe that you won't regret it.

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Resort Views

Come Join Us and Enjoy the Lake Life
 Up North on Big Sand!
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